We offer professional services in the field of comprehensive service of trains, also intermodal trains. We meet the highest quality standards and the expectations of the most demanding customers thanks to our highly specialized employees. We prove that rail transport is efficient and modern transport, which is a financially attractive and ecological alternative to other types of transport. An important element of our infrastructure is our own railway siding branch branching directly from the track of the PKP PLK S.A. station in Swarzędz. The siding is located directly next to the warehouses of the CLIP multimodal logistics center.


Our resources:

Hand-over tracks
  • fully electrified
  • permissible axle load on a rail of 22.5 tons
Shunting locomotives
  • 8 light 401Da
  • 2 heavy T448p
  • intermodal 80′ Sggnss, lenght: 25.940 mm, axles number: 4, quantity: 180 pcs  (more info)
  • intemodal 90′ Sggmrss, lenght: 29.590 mm, axles number: 6, quantity: 100 pcs  (more info)
  • doublepocket Sdggmrs, lenhgt: 34.200 mm, axles number: 6, quantity: 100 pcs  (more info)
Railway sidings
  • Terminal No. I – STS A Freight Terminal, equipped with a front ramp,
  • Terminal No. II – CLIP Intermodal Terminal
  • Terminal No. III – Cargo terminal Works IV VWP, equipped with a side ramp, length of the loading front 350 m,
  • Terminal No. IV -STS B Cargo Terminal, equipped with a front ramp.
3 newly built tracks
  • Fully electrified and equipped with the SRK control system, directly branching off from the E20 railway line in Paczkowo, each 750m long, enabling trains to enter the loading track at a fenced loading yard of 13,500 sqm


We offer :

  • possibility of entry / exit to the CLIP siding from two directions: Poznań – Warsaw, Warsaw – Poznań,
    service of transporting cars on wagons,
  • accepting and returning individual railway wagons and wagon consignments, wagon groups and whole train sets intended for the siding user or co-user,
  • performing maneuvers related to the substitution and removal of wagons from hand-over points,
    rolling wagons between individual unloading stations.

Our services are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.