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As intermodal operator, we offer domestic transport of containers and intermodal and standard semi-trailers from our intermodal terminal.

We recommend the intermodal transport, because it allows to optimize delivery time and costs, and also reduces carbon dioxide emissions that are harmful to the environment.

We offer international transport and spedition services also.

Our offer includes:

  • full truck load logistics (FTL) with total mass 44 T DMC for intermodal transports,
  • transport of all types containers,
  • professional transport of dangerous materials based on (ADR),
  • transport of goods requiring the use of coilmulda semi-trailer,
  • GPS localization for transported goods.

We guarantee:

  • 30 universal semi-trailers for containers,
  • 50 Isotherm – Doubledeck semi-trailers – for door-to-door connections,
  • 50 tarpaulin semi-trailers – Mega – for door-to-door connections,
  • full responibility for the goods,
  • selection of carriers and transit route optimization,
  • flexibility to the invidual need client needs,
  • confidentiality and impartiality,
  • regular pick-up and delivery with comprehensive optimization of transit time.


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