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The CLIP Intermodal Terminal is located at the intersection of 2 TENT corridors, at the main European railway line E20 – Paris – Beijing. Currently, the terminal after expansion as an investment co-financed by the European Union as part of intermodal transport development programs. Investment cost for the terminal is almost EUR 80 million.

The main technical parameters of the terminal present and after expansion:

Intermodal Terminal
Before Now
Pojemność 4.500 TEU 10.000 TEU
QTY unloading tracks (each 750 m.) 4 8 (including 6 for container rail crane)
Transshipment equipment 4 x reachstacker 45t
1x reachstacker 10t
3 x reachstacker 45t
1 x reachstacker 10t
2 x terminal-trailer
RMG container rail crane 0 3 x RMG with the following parameters:
– nominal capacity Q = 40T
– total span – 96 m
– gate span (rail span) – 51m
– 6 railroad tracks
– 15 rows of containers plus
2 lane truck lane
RTG container rail crane 0 2
Lohr horizontal unloading stations 0 LOHR: 2 stations for unloading 4 trailers simultaneously

The terminal has the first 2 Lohr Railway System stations in Poland for horizontal unloading of 4 semi trailers at the same time. This system guarantees:

  • short loading and unloading time,
  • possibility of loading/unloading multiple wagons at the same time,
  • no need to use additional handling equipment.

RMG container rail crane:

  • nominal load capacity Q = 40 T
  • span of gate rails (rails span) – 51 m
  • span – 96 m

The crane supports:

  • 4 rows of containers plus 1 truck lane – south boom
  • 6 tracks plus 7 rows of containers – main crane gate
  • 4 rows of containers plus 1 truck lane – northern boom

The terminal is equipped with a modern, dedicated IT system, used to record movements and track the storage location of individual containers

The terminal area is protected around the clock, illuminated and monitored by CCTV system

Terminal services provided:

  • reloading and storage of all types of containers, swap bodies and intermodal semi-trailers,
  • weighing of containers in accordance with the SOLAS (VGM) convention,
  • repairs of containers, including removal of old stickers and elements securing the goods, such as hooks or nails,
  • forming and stripping containers,
  • connections for refrigerated containers requiring controlled temperature and monitoring,
  • container sealing,
  • pressure washing of containers and semi-trailers.




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