Halfway point of the expansion of the CLIP Intermodal Terminal


Work is underway to expand the CLIP Intermodal Terminal. Currently, during the day there are arms works, and at night, due to the lower temperature, concreting. Three kilometres of track, a western interchange head and about 60% of the set-up plate have already been made. The remaining eastern interchange head, track number 601, along the E-20 line and the rest of the set-up plate remain to be made.

Installation of the cranes at the CLIP Terminal


RMG cranes erected.
The process of their lifting at the CLIP Intermodal Terminal has just finished. It was the first operation of this type in Europe. CLIP cranes are the largest in Poland and the EU inland terminals. Their impressive width of 100 meters will allow the handling of 24 trains with containers a day. The mass of the assembled cranes is 2000 tons. The cranes will be powered by electricity coming 100% from renewable energy sources.

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