CLIP Group installs the first Lohr Railway System in Poland

12 November 2020

Lohr Railway System is a modern technology, patented and proven in operation, allowing for horizontal loading of standard road semi-trailers onto railway wagons, without the need for a crane. For over a dozen years it has been used in the intermodal transport, mainly between France and Italy. Now it is also available in Poland.

The system was installed in Swarzędz, at the CLIP Intermodal Terminal. It is the first installation of this type not only in Poland, but also in any European country east of the Bettembourg – Orbassano near Turin axis. For proper operation it requires the use of specialized wagons equipped with a rotating platform on which a tractor with a semi-trailer is driven. When properly positioned, the set is disconnected, and the platform with the trailer rotates and aligns parallel to the axis of the wagon.

Importantly, the system allows for loading the wagons with semi-trailers, which due to their technical parameters cannot be lifted vertically with the use of a reachstacker or an overhead crane. Semi-trailers of this type are still the vast majority of trailers operated by road carriers throughout Europe.

The advantages of the Lohr Railway system include:

  • short loading and unloading times,
  • possibility of loading / unloading many wagons at the same time,
  • no need to use additional reloading devices.

The installation of the innovative Lohr Railway system is the next step in the modernization of the CLIP Intermodal Terminal, a step that has a significant impact on the development of the entire intermodal transport sector. Thanks to that, CLIP Intermodal Sp. z o.o. will expand the loading capacity of the train to Luxembourg by creating an offer also for customers using standard trailers in their fleet. In the future, it will be possible to run the trains to other European destinations equipped with the Lohr Railway System, e.g. Calais and Barcelona. The connection of Swarzędz with Luxembourg and further with Spain will enable the creation of one of the longest intermodal routes in Europe. Due to both the economic and ecological aspects, intermodal transport becomes an accelerator for the development of European economies and, in a significant way, shapes the future of our continent.

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