CLIP Group Honorary Guest of the Wspólna Kaczka 2019

14 November 2019

We are proud to announce that CLIP Group was the Honorary Guest of the jubilee Common Duck 2019, and this event was of great interest to entrepreneurs related to the sea. Over 2,100 people, the highest-ranking representatives of the maritime business from all over Poland and from abroad, as well as companies cooperating with them, participated in the meeting, traditionally held on the second Friday of October. The opening of this year’s meeting was honored with a speech by President Agnieszka Hipś.

The Common Duck has been organized since 2000, first in Gdańsk and since 2009 in Gdynia.
Representatives of the highest state, regional and municipal authorities are present. Such a numerous and representative presence of officials emphasizes the importance and importance of the meeting, where friends, colleagues and competitors sit at the same table under one roof to talk about business, enjoy a nice atmosphere and good food.

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