Bonded warehouse

Thanks to our own bonded warehouse we can offer even more solutions to our customers:

  • Comprehensive warehouse and customs service of transports in the bonded warehouse
  • Receipt and release of goods in lots as requested by the Customer
  • Postponement of customs duties and taxes payment for the unlimited period of storage
  • Transit of goods to other countries without entering the Polish customs territory
  • Consolidation of goods for further transport
  • Repackaging, labelling, finishing of goods

We also provide assistance with the following documents: TIR Carnets, CMR, SAD. Goods can be stored in the bonded warehouse under a customs bond even for a long period of time. The owner may decide for himself when to release and clear the goods.

Thanks to the storage in a bonded warehouse the customers may:

  • Transport more goods then are needed for current production or retail – store them in the bonded warehouse and then release as required
  • Store goods in the bonded warehouse and take the time to obtain documents and certificates to be able to introduce the goods to the market
  • Use the time to repackage, label or complete the goods